So you're interested in our MSTA Advanced Skincare Course For Beginners... and you're looking to get your new career on the road. Which is amazing ✨.

But you're just wondering whether MSTA offers finance to make the course a little bit easier on the bank account. Well, that's what we're going to get into here.

If, after reading everything here, you still have questions about the course, or if you'd like to book onto one of our upcoming course dates... Use the link at the bottom of the page to schedule a call with Kirsty, our founder & training director!

Do we currently offer finance?

We work with a finance provider that offers flexible finance packages for our 5-Day Skincare Course.

This finance provider checks your eligibility for finance with multiple lenders in one simple application -- and offers different terms and interest rates based on your personal circumstances.

We don't get anything from this company and it isn't a lending facility directly with MSTA. If accepted, your repayments will be made to a bank or another type of lender.

This company is simply a partner that we work with to try to make the course more accessible to everyday people.

You can check your eligibility without affecting your credit score HERE.

Additional options right now...

Many of our students choose to take out a credit facility elsewhere (either an interest free credit card or a personal loan) and use the capital they've borrowed to pay for the course. They then make monthly instalments on the credit card/loan -- essentially financing the course themselves.

In this article, we aren't advising you to do this for finance -- or anything else for that matter. We're simply explaining what some of our students have chosen to do to finance their course over monthly instalments, and walk you through the process that they followed to do so, so you can explore the options yourself.

If you do choose to apply for a credit card/loan to pay for your course -- and then you make monthly instalments to pay that off over a number of months/years -- be sure to read all of the terms & conditions during the application process. We have no affiliation with any finance companies and your credit facility will be with the lender.

Interest free, or low interest, credit cards

The 'best' option for most students is an interest-free credit card. Essentially, this is a type of credit card which offers you a period of time, usually a few months, to make purchases which you won't be charged interest on for a set period of time.

For example, hypothetically, you might get 24 months interest free on purchases that you make when you open your card. To make the most of this type of card, you should try to pay off your balance before any 0% interest period ends.

Some students who have been accepted for these types of cards have paid for their course in full via their new Credit Card -- and then they pay monthly instalments to pay down the balance which you owe to the card before they start getting charged interest; therefore not paying any interest on the course finance.

However, not everybody will be accepted for these types of cards -- and for those who are accepted, they may not be given a large enough credit limit to fund the entire course. It depends entirely on your personal circumstances, your credit history and the expectations for the lenders.

Occasionally, you may be offered a credit card with a low, but not 0% interest credit card. Again, this is an option you can consider based on your circumstances & your available options.

You can use websites like to explore these options and to complete a 'Soft Check' to see whether you could qualify for any of these cards. This website will look through all of the available lenders offering these types of cards and will assess whether you meet the necessary criteria.

Personal loans

Another option is a personal loan with your bank or another lender in the market.

Again, some students have chosen to take out personal loans with a bank and pay the monthly instalments with the bank over a number of months/years to fund their course with MSTA. There are many lenders who offer personal loans, each with varying interest rates and terms & conditions.

Again, the interest rate that you are offered will usually be dependent on your personal circumstances and your credit history. You may be offered a slightly higher interest rate if your personal circumstances are slightly 'riskier' in the eyes of a lender...

But, again, you can use websites like to check your eligibility and to see whether you meet the criteria for these types of loans.

Students that have used Personal Loans in the past have applied for a loan for the full course balance -- and then, when accepted, have paid for the course in full using the borrowed capital. They pay an interest rate on the borrowed money each year until the loan is paid off in full -- but for some, it makes their course more affordable and enables them to start their skincare career.

What to do next...

So, now you know the options that some of our students choose to finance their course with MSTA.

Again, we aren't suggesting that you choose any of these options and you must think about which option is right for you. It is up to you to use the websites available to you to check your eligibility and the possible payment terms.

If you are interested in attending an upcoming course to start your new career in the skincare industry, get in touch with us using the contact form below, or schedule a call with Kirsty, our clinic director using the link below.

We'll walk you through availability on courses in the next few months, and we'll give you all of the details you need to know before you get booked on!



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